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State Court Mediation Center

The Perlis State Court Mediation Center was established at the Kangar High Court, Perlis on 19 October 2016.


The establishment of Mediation Centers in Courts throughout Malaysia is the result of the brainchild of the Chief Justice of Malaysia, YAA Tan Sri Ariffin bin Zakaria, after having the process contribute to saving time, energy and costs for all parties involved in disposing of cases filed in Court.


The head of the Mediation Center is Puan Nurul Hafzan binti Ab. Aziz, Senior Assistant Registrar, Kangar Perlis High Court.


Perlis State Court Mediation Center is composed of:-

  1. Mediator (duty in turn)
  2. Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operation)
  3. Interpreter
  4. Operation Assistant